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Figure 1. Professor John Cleland (Head of the Center)

The department, chaired by Professor John Cleland, is the European leading centre in heart failure research. Except for Professor Cleland, it employs four senior academics (two non-clinical) and over 25 research fellows, nurses and technicians. The department gained an international reputation with scientists applying to train and do research with us from many European (Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Spain, France, Italy and Russia) and non-European (USA, Egypt, China, Pakistan, India, Malaysia) countries. The major thrust of research is into the prevention and management of heart failure. This research effort is under-pinned by a very large longitudinal follow-up of over 5,000 patients in the region with heart failure. These cohorts of patients are currently being recruited into specific grant-funded projects including, currently, assessment of safety of air-travel, device programming, home oxygen therapy, management of diabetes mellitus and management of renal dysfunction. In addition, Professor Cleland established one of the first TeleHealth services for heart failure in the UK. He is the clinical lead for a €14.5 million European Union funded TeleHealth programme. Professor Cleland was the leader in numerous pivotal trails in heart failure and cardiomyopathies, including CARE-HF, LIDO, COMET, WATCH, and many others. The Hull centre has developed also programme on genetic and novel biomarkers studies in the cardiomyopathies. His studies were published in top scientific journals such as NEJM, Lancet, Circulation, JACC, European Heart Journal, and many others. Dr Rubis spent one year (2009-2010) in University of Hull, where he worked as a Senior Research Fellow under Professor Cleland. The topics of the undertaken research were plasma viscosity in dilated cardiomyopathy and therapy with digoxin. After return to JPH dr Rubis cultivated close cooperation with UK centre. During last Congress in Paris of the European Society of Cardiology Professor Cleland chaired the scientific session, which was organized by our Centre of Rare Cardiovascular Disease.

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