Highlights from the 2nd International Conference on Rare Cardiovascular Diseases

We would like to invite you to watch the lectures during the 2nd International Conference on Rare Cardiovascular Diseases organized by the Centre for Rare Cardiovascular Diseases in the John Paul II Hospital in Cracow, 2014, Cracow, Poland

Lecture by Roland Hetzer (Berlin, Germany)
“Surgical approach to the treatment of congenital coronary anomalies “
Lecture by Jakub Podolec (Krakow, Poland)
“Percutaneous options in treatment of congenital heart and coronary artery disease”
Lecture by Grzegorz Kopeć (Krakow, Poland)
“Interventional treatment of pulmonary hypertension”
Lecture by Deddo Moertl (St. Poelten, Austria)
“Idiopathic giant cell myocarditis”
Lecture by Jakub Stępniewski (Krakow, Poland)
“Clinical applications of genetic testing in RCDs”
Lecture by Yuriy Ivaniv (Lviv, Ukraine)
“Adult Kawasaki disease”
Lecture by Marcin Waligóra (Krakow, Poland)
“What do medical students know about rare cardiovascular diseases”?
Lecture by Przemysław Stolarz (Warsaw, Poland)
“Cardiac pacing in Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy, results of the 36-year follow-up”
Lecture by Nelya Oryshchyn (Lviv, Ukraine)
“Cardiac sarcoidosis: left ventricular akinesia and silent arrhythmic disorders”
Lecture by Paweł Iwaszczuk (Krakow,Poland)
“Mediastinitis treated with rifampicin in a patient with artificial aortic valve causes inability to achieve therapeutic international normalized ratio (INR) throughout the treatment and for one month afterwards”
Lecture by Paweł Prochownik (Krakow, Poland)
“18 years old patient after BAV with severe AR and pulmonary hypertension”
Lecture by Natasza Herman (Krakow, Poland)
“30 years old patient with pulmonary arterial hypertension with ascending aorta aneurysm”
Mateusz Brózda (Krakow, Poland)
“40 years old female patient with pulmonary arterial hypertensionand recurrent hemoptysis”
Lecture by Piotr Hoffman (Warsaw, Poland)
“Patophysiology of heart failure in patients with congenital heart disease”
Lecture by Szymon Pawlak (Zabrze, Poland)
“Interventional teatment of heart failure in congenital heart disease, ventricular assist devices”
Karol Wierzbicki (Krakow, Poland)
“Lecture by Heart transplantation in patients with congenital heart disease”
Lecture by Lidia Tomkiewicz-Pająk (Krakow, Poland)
“Case presentation”
Lecture by John Cleland (London, United Kingdom)
“Curing heart failure”
Lecture by Sabine Pankuweit (Marburg, Germany)
“State-of-the-art approach to myocarditis”
Lecture by Michał Marchel (Warsaw, Poland)
“The prophylaxis of sudden cardiac death in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy”
Lecture by Bernard Iung (Paris, France)
“Percutaneous mitral valvuloplasty in pregnant women with severe mitral stenosis”
Lecture by Jacek Bednarek (Krakow, Poland)
“Electrocardiologic interventions in pregnant women with severe arrhythmias”
Lecture by Agata Leśniak-Sobelga (Krakow, Poland)
“Percutaneous coronary angioplasty in very early pregnancy – case report “
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