(II-1C.O) 54-year old male with severe kyphoscoliosis and pulmonary hypertension Sobień B., Kopeć G., Rubiś P., Tomkiewicz Pająk L., Barczyk K., Podolec P.
Experts: Prokop-Staszecka A., Kłosiński P., Fijałkowska A., Bederski K., Podolec P.

Background A 54-year-old caucasian male was admitted to our clinic with symptoms of cardiac and pulmonary failure. The patient suffered from inherited severe kyphoscoliosis of unknown etiology. At the time of admission he was compensated, in NYHA functional class III. Exercise dyspnea and a drop in effort tolerance were main complaints. Case presentation The patient was admitted to our clinic in May 2011due to clinical worsening of cardiopulmonary insufficiency. On admission he was in NYHA functional class III. No peripheral …

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